Hi Hubert!

“In fact, megolm is used even in one-to-one chats; Matrix doesn’t have the same distinction between one-to-one chats and group chats as XMPP does, and one-to-one chats can become group chats, so we use the same protocol for both.”

Ah thank you very much for the hint, I couldn’t read that out of the specifications alone, but I’ll correct that soon.

“megolm still encrypts to each device separately, so you still need to trust each device separately.”

That’s a bummer, but I’m glad to see that you are working on a solution to simplify trust management. I had a talk at FOSDEM with some of you guys and it’s really interesting to see that the problems of OMEMO and Olm are very similar. I really hope that OMEMO can benefit from some of the solutions you find (and the other way round or course :D)