Category: gsoc-2018

  • Summer of Code: Smack has OpenPGP Support!

    I am very proud to announce, that Smack got support for OpenPGP for XMPP!

  • Summer of Code: Finalizing the PR

    Quick update: Only a few days are left until the last and final Evaluation Phase. I spent the week opening my pull request against Smacks master branch and adding a basic trust management implementation. Now the user is required to make decisions whether to trust a contacts key or not. However, the storage implementation is […]

  • Summer of Code: First PGPainless Release!

    I’m very happy and proud to announce the first alpha release of PGPainless! PGPainless 0.0.1-alpha1 is the first non-snapshot release and is available from maven central. It was an interesting experience to go through the process of creating a release and I’m looking forward to have many more releases in the future 🙂 The current […]

  • Summer of Code: Plan for the grand finale

    I passed the second evaluation phase 🙂 Now begins the final spurt, as the last month of GSoC has begun. My main goal can be summarized as follows: Get everything merged! To get that done, I have to polish up my smack-openpgp branch which has grown to a size of 7000 loc. There are still […]

  • Summer of Code: Second evaluation phase

    Quite some time has passed since I bothered you with my last post 🙂 A lot has happened since, I have been making steady process in both smack-openpgp, as well as pgpainless. One big step that I took was to get rid of smack-openpgp-bouncycastle, which now has been merged into smack-openpgp. Having modular code may […]

  • Summer of Code: Checkstyle to the rescue!

    Today I added some checkstyle rules to PGPainless.Checkstyle is a gradle plugin, which checks the source code for style violations. Some say, strict checkstyle rules are unnecessary and that it is annoying to be held back from pushing a commit to the master branch only to fix “style issues” for half an hour. I must […]

  • Summer of Code: An (almost) three line fix to a three days problem

    diff –git a/src/main/java/de/vanitasvitae/crypto/pgpainless/decryption_verification/ b/src/main/java/de/vanitasvitae/crypto/pgpainless/decryption_verification/ index d651b1b..bca7ba4 100644 — a/src/main/java/de/vanitasvitae/crypto/pgpainless/decryption_verification/ +++ b/src/main/java/de/vanitasvitae/crypto/pgpainless/decryption_verification/ @@ -157,15 +157,13 @@ public class DecryptionStreamFactory {          PGPPrivateKey decryptionKey = null;          PGPPublicKeyEncryptedData encryptedSessionKey = null;          while (iterator.hasNext()) { –            encryptedSessionKey = (PGPPublicKeyEncryptedData); –            long keyId = encryptedSessionKey.getKeyID(); +            PGPPublicKeyEncryptedData encryptedData = (PGPPublicKeyEncryptedData); +            long keyId = encryptedData.getKeyID();   […]

  • Summer of Code: The demotivating week

    I guess in anybodies project, there is one week that stands out from the others by being way less productive than the rest. I just had that week. I had to take one day off on Friday due to circulation problems after a visit at the doctor (syringes suck!), so I had the joy of […]

  • Summer of Code: Evaluation and Key Lengths

    The week of the first evaluation phase is here. This is the fourth week of GSoC – wow, time flew by quite fast this year 🙂 This week I plan to switch my OX implementation over to PGPainless in order to have a working prototype which can differentiate between sign, crypt and signcrypt elements. This […]

  • Summer of Code: PGPainless 2.0

    In previous posts, I mentioned that I forked Bouncy-GPG to create PGPainless, which will be my simple to use OX/OpenPGP API. I have some news regarding that, since I made a radical decision. I’m not going to fork Bouncy-GPG anymore, but instead write my own OpenPGP library based on BouncyCastle. The new PGPainless will be […]