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  • Summer of Code: An (almost) three line fix to a three days problem

    diff –git a/src/main/java/de/vanitasvitae/crypto/pgpainless/decryption_verification/DecryptionStreamFactory.java b/src/main/java/de/vanitasvitae/crypto/pgpainless/decryption_verification/DecryptionStreamFactory.java index d651b1b..bca7ba4 100644 — a/src/main/java/de/vanitasvitae/crypto/pgpainless/decryption_verification/DecryptionStreamFactory.java +++ b/src/main/java/de/vanitasvitae/crypto/pgpainless/decryption_verification/DecryptionStreamFactory.java @@ -157,15 +157,13 @@ public class DecryptionStreamFactory {          PGPPrivateKey decryptionKey = null;          PGPPublicKeyEncryptedData encryptedSessionKey = null;          while (iterator.hasNext()) { –            encryptedSessionKey = (PGPPublicKeyEncryptedData) iterator.next(); –            long keyId = encryptedSessionKey.getKeyID(); +            PGPPublicKeyEncryptedData encryptedData = (PGPPublicKeyEncryptedData) iterator.next(); +            long keyId = encryptedData.getKeyID();   […]

  • Summer of Code: The demotivating week

    I guess in anybodies project, there is one week that stands out from the others by being way less productive than the rest. I just had that week. I had to take one day off on Friday due to circulation problems after a visit at the doctor (syringes suck!), so I had the joy of […]

  • Summer of Code: Evaluation and Key Lengths

    The week of the first evaluation phase is here. This is the fourth week of GSoC – wow, time flew by quite fast this year πŸ™‚ This week I plan to switch my OX implementation over to PGPainless in order to have a working prototype which can differentiate between sign, crypt and signcrypt elements. This […]

  • Summer of Code: PGPainless 2.0

    In previous posts, I mentioned that I forked Bouncy-GPG to create PGPainless, which will be my simple to use OX/OpenPGP API. I have some news regarding that, since I made a radical decision. I’m not going to fork Bouncy-GPG anymore, but instead write my own OpenPGP library based on BouncyCastle. The new PGPainless will be […]

  • Summer of Code: Command Line OX Client!

    As I stated earlier, I am working on a small XMPP command line test client, which is capable of sending and receiving OpenPGP encrypted messages. I just published a first version πŸ™‚ Creating command line clients with Smack is super easy. You basically just create a connection, instantiate the manager classes of features you want […]

  • Summer of Code: Polishing the API

    The third week of coding is nearing its end and I’m quite happy with how my project turned out so far. The last two days I was ill, so I haven’t got anything done during that period, but since I started my work ahead of time during the boding period, I think I can compensate […]

  • Summer of Code: Advancing the prototype

    It has been a week since my last blog post, so it is time for an update. I successfully tested my OX client against an experimental Gajim plugin written by Philip HΓΆrist. Big thanks for his help during the testing πŸ™‚ My implementation can now backup the users secret key in a private PubSub node, […]

  • Summer of Code: Bug found!

    BouncyCastle The mystery has been solved! I finally found out, why the OpenPGP keys I generated for my project had a broken format. Turns out, there was a bug in BouncyCastle. Big thanks to Heiko Stamer, who quickly identified the issue in the bug report I created for pgpdump, as well as Kazu Yamamoto and […]

  • Summer of Code: Quick Update

    I noticed that my blog posting frequency is substantially higher than last year. For that reason I’ll try to keep this post shorter. Yesterday I implemented my first prototype code to encrypt and decrypt XEP-0374 messages! It can process incoming PubkeyElements (the published OpenPGP keys of other users) and create SigncryptElements which contain a signed […]

  • Summer of Code: The Plan. Act 1: OpenPGP, Part Two

    The Coding Phase has begun! Unfortunately my first (official) day of coding was a bad start, as I barely added any new code. Instead I got stuck on a very annoying bug. On the bright side, I’m now writing a lengthy blog post for you all, whining about my issue in all depth. But first […]