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  • GSoC Week 10: Finding that damn little bug

    Finally!! I found a bug which I was after for the last week. Now I finally got that little bas****. The bug happened in my code for the Jingle SOCKS5 Bytestream Transport (XEP-0260). SOCKS5 proxies are used whenever the two endpoints can’t reach one another directly due to firewalls etc. In such a case, another […]

  • GSoC Week 9: Bringing it back to life.

    The 9th week of GSoC is there. I’m surprised of how fast time went by, but I guess that happens when you enjoy what you do 🙂 I’m happy to report that the third iteration of my Jingle code is working again. There are still many bugs and Socks5Transport is still missing, but all in […]

  • GSoC Week 8: Reworking

    The 8th. week of GSoC is there. The second evaluation phase has begun. This week I was not as productive as the weeks before. This is due to me having my last (hopefully :D) bachelors exam. But that is now done, so I can finally give 100% to coding :). I made some more progress […]

  • GSoC: Week 7

    This is my update post for the 7th week of GSoC. The next evaluation phase is slowly approaching and it is still a lot of work to do. This week I started to work on integrating encryption in my Jingle File Transfer code. I’m very pleased, that only very minor changes are required to my […]

  • GSoC Week 6 – Tests and Excitement

    Time is flying by. The sixth week is nearly over. I hope I didn’t miscounted so far 🙂 This week I made some more progress working on the file transfer code. I read the existing StreamInitialization code and found some typos which I fixed. I than took some inspiration from the SI code to improve […]

  • GSoC Week 5: Tests, fallbacks and politics

    This is my blog post for the 5th week of the Google Summer of Code. I passed the first evaluation phase, so now the really hard work can begin. (Also the first paycheck came in, and I bought a new Laptop. Obviously my only intention is to reduce compile times for Smack to be more […]

  • GSoC Week 4.1

    This is a quick update post to my post from yesterday. The GSoC part came a little short because of my OMEMO reflections and because I only worked on one topic the last week, so this is intended as a kind of supplement. Today I got my SOCKS5 code working again! I can send and […]

  • Fourth week of GSoC and OMEMO thoughts

    GSoC Evaluation phase is there! Time went by faster than I expected. That’s a good sign, I really enjoy working on Smack (besides when my code does not work :D). I spent this week to work on the next iteration of my Jingle code. IBB once again works, but SOCKS5 still misses a tiny bit, […]

  • Third Week of GSoC

    Another week is has passed and the first evaluation phase slowly approaches. While I already fulfilled my goals (Jingle File Transfer using InBandBytestreams and SOCKS5Bytestreams), I still have a lot of work to do. The first working implementation I did is only so much – working. Barely. Now its time to learn from mistakes I […]

  • Tutorial: Home-made OMEMO client

    The german interior minister conference recently decided that the best way to fight terrorism is passing new laws that allow the government to demand access to communication from messengers like WhatsApp and co. Very important: Messengers like WhatsApp. Will even free software developers see requests to change their messengers to allow government access to communications […]