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  • Europe Trip Journal – Entry 1: Vertigo

    When I arrived at Gare du Nord, Paris welcomed me perhaps a bit rejective. I had the feeling the city knew that I was the stranger. The people rushed by, not caring about me and the only people that approached me were beggars asking for money. So I was a bit lost, wandering through the streets that felt as if they would arrogantly ignore me.

  • Europe Trip Journal – Entry 0: Learning Curve

    Today was the first day of my one month-long journey through Europe. And what better place to start than the capital of Europe – Brussels. At roughly 16:00 I arrived at station Bruxelles-Midi after changing the train in Cologne.

  • Europe Trip Journal – Entry -1: The Day Before

    I’m going on a one-month long trip through Europe! Yesterday I bought a train ticket worth 30 days of travel time, so now it’s set in stone – or rather in some very expensive digital bits – that I’m going. The last time I’ve been on vacation was during my bachelor studies a few years ago and with some friends. This time I’m going alone and I have to admit that I’m a bit nervous.

  • Peace at any cost?

    Peace is universally a good thing. War on the other hand is universally bad. At least that was my idealistic view for my entire life. But something is different now.

  • PGPainless 1.0.0 Released!

    Close to the end of 2021 I’m excited to announce the release of PGPainless version 1.0.0! I feel like it finally reached a state of sufficient maturity to be worthy of a major release with a “1” at the front.

  • A Simple OpenPGP API

    In this post I demonstrate how easy it is to perform OpenPGP operations in your application by using the SOP API.

  • How to reach craftsmanship?

    Sometimes I feel like I code just as I play the violin. By instinct. I’m not following any rules or well defined procedures. I roughly know where I want to go and more or less how to get there. Then I just start and see where it leads me.

  • Progress on PGPainless Development

    Not much time has passed since I last wrote about my progress on the PGPainless library. However, I feel like its time for an update.

  • PGPainless 0.2 Released!

    I’m very proud and excited to announce the release of PGPainless version 0.2! Among the major improvements are proper signature verification and a new encryption API.

  • Why Signature Verification in OpenPGP is hard

    Signature Verification in OpenPGP is hard. Here is why.