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  • Europe Trip Journal – Entry 3&4: Nantes & La Rochelle

    This post is a little bit delayed. Yesterday, after having a petit-dej’ with a room mate I took the metro to get to the train station for my next journey. I tried capturing the atmosphere in the metro with a sound recording.

  • Creating an OpenPGP Web-of-Trust Implementation – A Series

    I am excited to announce that PGPainless will receive funding by NGI Assure to develop an implementation of the Web-of-Trust specification proposal! The Web-of-Trust (WoT) serves as an example of a decentralized authentication mechanism for OpenPGP.

  • Europe Trip Journal – Entry 2: Away-From-Home-Office

    Today I followed the advice of some friends and checked out places they recommended. First I went to visit the Notre Dame, which is unfortunately currently closed for visitors to enter. So instead everyone had to gaze at it from behind a construction fence.

  • Europe Trip Journal – Entry 1: Vertigo

    When I arrived at Gare du Nord, Paris welcomed me perhaps a bit rejective. I had the feeling the city knew that I was the stranger. The people rushed by, not caring about me and the only people that approached me were beggars asking for money. So I was a bit lost, wandering through the streets that felt as if they would arrogantly ignore me.

  • Europe Trip Journal – Entry 0: Learning Curve

    Today was the first day of my one month-long journey through Europe. And what better place to start than the capital of Europe – Brussels. At roughly 16:00 I arrived at station Bruxelles-Midi after changing the train in Cologne.

  • Europe Trip Journal – Entry -1: The Day Before

    I’m going on a one-month long trip through Europe! Yesterday I bought a train ticket worth 30 days of travel time, so now it’s set in stone – or rather in some very expensive digital bits – that I’m going. The last time I’ve been on vacation was during my bachelor studies a few years ago and with some friends. This time I’m going alone and I have to admit that I’m a bit nervous.

  • Peace at any cost?

    Peace is universally a good thing. War on the other hand is universally bad. At least that was my idealistic view for my entire life. But something is different now.

  • I’m thinking of you

    What words do you write to those in a war zone? Do you ask them how they are? Do you wish them luck? Do you try to cheer them up by telling them that they have your support? Do you share news from your side of the propaganda-trench with them? Do you write to them […]

  • PGPainless 1.0.0 Released!

    Close to the end of 2021 I’m excited to announce the release of PGPainless version 1.0.0! I feel like it finally reached a state of sufficient maturity to be worthy of a major release with a “1” at the front.

  • A Simple OpenPGP API

    In this post I demonstrate how easy it is to perform OpenPGP operations in your application by using the SOP API.